1. The underwater tunnel!

How amazing to be able to walk through a tunnel of water as sharks, stingrays, fish, BIG fish and swordfish all swim around you while you stay dry! We love reaching up and trying to touch the sting rays and sharks tails through the glass, or looking up in awe and feel really small as they swim above us. It’s a pretty awesome experience, especially if your a kid! If you can time your walk through the tunnel for when the Sealife staff feed the underwater creatures it is amazing to watch someone underwater with them.  

2. The seal show!

I have seen it numerous times having had the annual passes, and I love it every time (as do the kids…!) The Sealife staff explain where the seals come from, the kinds of things they get hurt from in the ocean and the seals do some small tricks. Our favourite trick is when the seal ‘picks’ up some rubbish to show the kids how to keep the ocean clean. It’s educational and heaps of fun. You’re bound to get a good laugh out of the show. Get there a bit early for a seat!

3. The jellyfish!

On the way out you will walk past lots of jellyfish, some of them lit up in the dark. It’s pretty cool to see them all swimming around and to see a few different types. We also love the ‘trick’ jellyfish… plastic bags tied up which look exactly like jellyfish. No wonder turtles and other wildlife eat them thinking they are food! A very interesting visual display that I know for our family, got the message about keeping plastics out of the ocean across.

Aside from this, the kids touch-pool is a highlight where they can feel some underwater animals. They love watching the seahorses, trying to find the stone fish and eel, and looking at fish from around the world. There is often a display or game that is happening in SeaLife, when we went it was the Octonauts. The undercover playground near the kiosk is fantastic too.

There is a kiosk where you can buy food and drinks, or you can bring your own food in too.

Check out the Sealife website for the prices for entry, any current deals and timetables for the shows.

Expect to hear at least a few kids excitedly shouting “look its nemo!”… (Most likely they are mine…)

Location: Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba, near the Mooloolaba Wharf.