Welcome to Sunny Coast Kids, here’s a bit about us…

Firstly… we love it here! In 2015 we made the big move from South Sydney with our 3 young boys to the Sunshine Coast. We moved here not knowing anybody else with young kids and we did not know ‘where to look’ to find the fun outdoor stuff we could do with our kids – the best parks, hikes, beaches, coffee spots etc.

We have travelled a lot, having worked in International Aid, through parts of Asia, Africa, America, so we tapped into that exploring attitude and just got out and about with our kids. We had nobody to ask, so we just pulled together and started exploring! It was great!

As we did, we began to discover there is so much to do here as a family, and with kids! While my husband loved the Sunshine Coast from day 1, I grew to love it as I began to know my surroundings, what streets went where, the best coffee spots, the nicest beaches for little people, we slowly met some other families and we found connection to our new home.

We love it here on the Sunshine Coast. We love feeling close to nature, we love living inbetween the ocean and the trees, we love the relaxed nature of the coast, we love the hikes, the beaches, the waterfalls, the weather, the BBQ’s at the parks…

If you have just moved here, we would love to show you around the Coast through our site! If you are here on holidays, you will find practical family friendly spots the tourist brochures may not tell you about. Here you will find ideas & inspiration to explore the Sunshine Coast with your kids. We will share kid-friendly outings on a shoestring, beaches, parks, waterfalls, hikes AND giveaways to some of our favourite places!

We are thankful to the local businesses who have supported us with their many give-aways, so that we can pass them onto you!!  

We would love you to join our community on Facebook and Instagram (@sunnycoastkids), have a chat to us (& enter a few comps…) over there! We share all our current outings there too.

To read a bit more of our story, we were interviewed by Goodlife Community Centre… You can read more here.

We hope you enjoy @sunnycoastkids