If we teach our kids to love nature, they will grow up to protect it.

Leave no footprint is the message we tell our kids, and Baroon Pocket Dam is a beautiful place to learn this message. The path is so interesting and there is enough beauty & variety around that the kids did not need the scavenger hunt list they had made of things to find and collect along the way.

Head down Narrows Road in Montville, and near the bottom take the right into the Baroon Pocket Dam parking area. If your like us and ALWAYS looking for toilets keep driving past the carpark and take the first LEFT, it will be signposted. The toilets are at the end of this car-park and are pit toilets so expect clean, but smelly.

The walk itself is really interesting with little bridges to cross, winding paths, and small cascading falls. Follow the path until you reach the look-out, it is fenced but don’t let the kids run too far ahead as it is high. An amazing view at the top of the valley below.

On the way up there is an option to go 200m down to a waterfall, we waited until the way back to see how all the kids were faring before deciding to take the extra trip down. I am SO glad we did go down here on the way back though, it was a great place for the kids to explore. There is a small waterfall and lagoon, rocks to climb over and a rock-wall of green ferns looking over the valley. Very picturesque.

Baroon Pocket Dam 2 with Sunny Coast Kids

The way back up from here is a bit steep, but if my 4 yr old can nail it after the hike I know yours can too!

We ended the hike by heading over to the Dam (same car-park as the toilets) with a picnic mat, some cheese and bikkies & friends to enjoy them with. The kids played at the little park close-by and we enjoyed until the sun went down. (There were picnic tables but they were all full).


All up the hike took us about 2 hours with 5 energetic kids (aged 4-9), we started late afternoon so we took aeroguard, some water and a hat. There was no phone or internet reception down there so definitely look it up & make arrangements before you head off to meet friends.

We really loved this hike, we found it was easy enough but with enough challenge and interest to keep the kids engaged. They were tired by the end, but had more than enough energy to play at the park!

If your holidaying, there is accommodation down there worth looking into also. Try secretsonthelake.com.au

Happy Hiking!