We had never been to a BMX track before this one, and we loved it!

Close-by to Ewen Maddock Dam it’s easy to make a morning or afternoon of it.


The Hinterland BMX track is a dirt track that goes around in a big oval with lots of little jumps, small turns and a few larger turns to ride up. There is also a steep start ramp but this is closed to the public and only open to members of the BMX Club.

Bring picnic chairs or a rug, some shade or a hat and some snacks, and watch the kids go round, and round, and round. It’s a free morning out which is another thing we love about it!

Right next to the track, a few hundred meters away is also a skate park, along with a set of toilets. If you keep driving past the track you will find an entrance to Ewen Maddock Dam where you can also ride or walk around the paths next to the dam.

ewan maddock dam

Our kids love coming to the Hinterland BMX track for a few thrills and a lot of fun.

Location: Map It

221/227 Mooloolah Connection Rd,

Glenview QLD (off Steve Irwin Way)