I don’t know about you but my sons love to climb…anything and everything! Ever since they were little they have, so when we discovered Chambers Island they were in climbing-heaven.

Chambers Island is a section on Maroochydore River. You can park close by then walk across a little bridge that goes over the river and onto Chambers Island. There you will find a great kids park, covered picnic seating, people fishing & for us the main attraction is climbing the huge trees!

You can rent fishing rods and buy bait just across the road next to the take-away, and grab some hot chips or an ice-cream and head over to the island to have some lunch while the kids fish at one of the tables and chairs. It can get busy there so take a picnic rug too!

If the tide is low you can walk a fair way out into the river and fish from there, or the kids can just jump around in the water when their fishing-patience runs dry! We often see sting-rays and pelicans when there, and my son caught a puffer fish last week which was fun.

There are toilets and a wash basin on the island which always makes life easier when your out with kids (cause we all know as soon as we get somewhere someone needs to go!) but no drinkable water so bring your own.

One of my sons loves the park, one loves to fish and the other loves to climb as high in the trees as he can then work out his way down. The trees must be hundreds of years old, they have all grown together and created lots of pathways my kids love to explore.

For us Chambers Island is a great place to visit where everyone leaves happy.

*The trees are high and some branches weak so be careful.