A day at the pig races…. really? Inside I laughed at the idea. I was born and raised in Sydney where a pig is a novelty at a trendy cafe, so this idea was completely foreign to me. But… I would be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued. I love seeing how others live, what they value, what they value enough to spend their lives doing. I had never met a miniature pig farmer so I was interested. We now live in what is classed as a Regional Town Centre (even though its just 1 hour out of Brisbane) and I love that we are so close to both the coast, the mountains and the farms.

I read that the majority of city kids these days don’t know where their food comes from, they think the supermarket is the correct answer. So the Nambour show was a good chance to remind my kids.

We got to the Nambour Showground pretty close to opening time, aiming to beat the crowds. Schools and many workplaces shut down for the fair so we didn’t know what to expect. We made our way to the animal farm first, where the kids cuddled baby chickens, ducks and guinea pigs, then got to pat a newborn calf, miniature horses, goats and little pigs. You couldn’t wipe the smile off their faces. The kids who were running the petting zoo explained to me how they study agricultural science at their school and they get to look after the farm animals and ride tractors as part of it so they know how to manage a farm if they chose to. Amazing, I had never heard of this course before.

From there we made our way through the rides, the games and jumping castles to the wood-chipping. The boys had never seen men climb up trees and then throw the axe into them till they fell. They were fascinated (and a bit worried they might hurt themselves). We sat down and had a chat to the man next to us. Something I love about this area is I have noticed that people chat.. just chit chat. I really appreciate any sense of community when it is being lost so readily these days.

From here the pig races. Definitely one for the kids, they all lined up around the fence as a farmer made his way around getting each one to make their best pig noise. The best ones got to pick the pig and off they went. They raced around a small area and right into the food bin. He said pigs are the 2nd smartest animal after a dolphin? I’ll have to check that fact….

During the day there were exhibitions like Thermomix, Paleo cooking, fashion walks… nothing my boys are into. So we went to dig some carrots in the farming section, look at a beehive and taste some fresh honey, and pat the python that was visiting from the zoo. We passed a lady who was spinning wool with llama fleece and stopped to chat to her for a while, learning how the llama is shawn, how she spins and then knits with the wool. This was the first time my kids had seen this, so they were fascinated. It was great for them to see how much animals can provide for us, even down to our clothes.

Throughout the day there were horse events on in the main arena, and different stalls to stop and browse through. By late morning it was very busy, and only getting busier as different events such as motocross were on in the evening. For peace of mind I put our “Vital ID” bands on the kids (We got ours from Kids Kontact) which stores all their personal information and contact details. We got them years ago for travelling through busy airports just incase we lost sight of one of them, and they have been fantastic. They are waterproof and velcro. We always point out who to go to if we do lose each other and then tell them to give that person the bracelet. Thankfully we didn’t need them!

As with any fair, it can cost a lot of money. Entry was reasonable but we made sure we withdrew a certain amount of money before we got there, and we didn’t get any more out. We took our own food and water, and the only thing we bought was a stick of honey for 20c. Another first 🙂 (Oh and I did buy a raffle ticket to win a chicken coop – it was made by teenagers who have disabilities such as down syndrome. The organisation trains them in skills like this, so that they might find enjoy productivity and hopefully find work. How could I not, thats a great thing!)

At the end of the day we let the kids have $5 to do with as they please. Two of them chose to do the clown game and win a prize; and the little one chose the train ride. My husband of course, got a coffee.

All in all, the Nambour Show was a fun day out for the kids and it only happens one a year in June – so why not check it out!