While my husband is an experienced hiker/camper (aka – pack a tent on your back and drink powdered milk kinda camping) and for work used to lead groups of kids camping before we had our own kids, we had never been together as a family. Mostly due to…. me. Camping just equated uncomfortable to me. So 13 years on, we decided to go camping, on a whim, and packed in a few hours Saturday morning. Considering that, I think we did alright!

If you’re not the camping type like me, but can totally see the value in it for family time, for watching the stars together, for chatting around the fire at night, cooking hot chocolate over the camp stove together & roasting marshmallows on twigs you found as you wandered around the campsite, and if you’re keen to disconnect from screens & reconnect to nature and to each-other – then read on….

Kenilworth Homestead is an awesome campsite. We went the first weekend in winter, and it wasn’t too busy at all. I hear it does get busy in peak season so you may want to book ahead, but we booked in the day before and had our choice of campsite.

There is lots of flat green, well-maintained grass, the Mary River crosses through and there are a number of well-maintained eco-toilets. You can take your pups as long as they are on a lead, and there really are a zillion stars in the sky when you look up… My husband taught the kids how to light a fire from scratch, while I watched them grow in confidence.

We loved it. We felt like doing something a bit different for the weekend, and it is close enough to be able to duck up there for that short time. It was very cold in the night and the morning, but it was fun being all rugged up together (with the dog!) by the fire. You can buy bags of campfire wood up that way and when ours ran out Sunday morning we headed into Kenilworth town for some coffee and warm sausage rolls from Kennilworth bakery. (I am sure they were home-made…so good).

The kids loved roasting marshmallows over the fire, learning how to skip rocks on the river, and finding little leaves to race down the river while they followed them as far as they could go.

There is a little bike track for the kids, so next time we will pack our bikes, and maybe a few bags of carrots to feed the horses, llamas and donkeys that came up to say hi behind their fence. There are amenities with showers and toilets, and you can choose from a powered or unpowered site.

The town itself is only a few minutes away from Kenilworth Homestead, it is quaint with a beautiful bakery and the kids park is fantastic. It is well-maintained with lots of different equipment for the kids to use and play with.

We grabbed the kids some Wanderer camping chairs & sleeping bags from BCF at Maroochydore on the way, and used our self-inflating mattress we had sitting in the garage since Father’s day. It actually made all the difference to a comfortable night sleep!

We will definitely be back… next time for a bit longer…