Anything that sparks a child’s interest in nature is a good thing! The new experience “Finding Dory and Friends” at Sea Life does just that.

As well as the usual touch pool (a favourite!), getting close to the sharks and rays in the walk-through tunnel, the fun seal show & all the other amazing sea animals to learn about, there is now a BRAND NEW experience just for kids at Sea Life Sunshine Coast!

Follow the shells and you’ll soon find yourself at the “Finding Dory” room, full of fun activities for kids and all centred around the movie ‘Finding Dory.’ (Which we ALLLLLL loved didn’t we?!)

We LOVED the “Ride the EAC with Crush” activity! It’s a fun game where kids put paper turtles into pipes and pump them up into the pipes on the ceiling, watch them race around and then fall out again. They learn about turtles migrating while they have fun. … what is there not to love!

We also loved the echo locater in Bailey’s Maze, it’s a maze kids climb through with echo pipes  on the outside and the inside that you talk through to try and find each other. And of course finding our way through Nemo’s Anemone Challenge was definitely a highlight, pressing buttons is always a win for young kids!

If you’re looking for some  weekend or school holiday fun, this is a great place to start!

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Open from Friday 17th November, 2017 and through the Summer school holidays.