Boreen Point is a seriously fun place if getting out amongst nature is your thing. Equipped with kayaks, a paddle-board and a picnic, we were set for a great day! Boreen Point is a beautiful spot where natural bushland meets Lake Cootharaba, the largest lake on the Noosa River.

Once you get closer, Boreen Point is fairly well signed. When you reach Lake Cootharaba if you go left you will find a small general store and if you go right and follow “The Esplanade you will find a kids park, toilets and the campground. You can hire canoes from here too. We went right so will blog about the other side another time!

The lake is beautiful, and very kid friendly. Its huge and you cant see where it starts or finishes but shallow so our kids waded out pretty far and were still at knee depth. Its a perfect place to learn how to kayak or paddle board as provided its not too windy the water is smooth, and its shallow so you can just jump off whenever you want to. If your experienced at both, you can paddle out as far as you can see and follow the lake out deeper. I stayed shallow as the kids were racing me – I would paddle and they would run. You cant do that everywhere!

The sand next to the lake backs onto the road so kids do need to be careful, but it is only cars coming in and out of the campground, so its not busy. There are some picnic seats along the lake which are shaded by tall trees which we hung out on all day coming and going from. I would take a picnic rug as well just in case they are taken.

The park is a good size, and has enough in it considering its set amongst natural bushland, which is a playground in itself! The toilets were clean and on bore water (so don’t drink out of the tap!)

Boreen Point is definitely a kid-friendly place to go and if you love nature, definitely worth the drive. I think next time we will pack our camping gear and stay a few nights so we can wake up right on the lake…
Helpful hints

*  My Internet on my phone dropped out when I was on the road, so check where you are  going before you head off if your GPS relies on internet connection

  • There is a small general store where you can purchase water, but there are no drinkable water facilities – so bring your own drinking water.
  • There are a few bbq facilities but they are weathered and rely on wood – no electricity or gas, so it may be easier to pack a picnic instead. (I have been told you can purchase wood from the camping facilities…)