Kondalilla Falls is a pretty beautiful part of the world and we loved sharing our love of nature with friends.

This is a great hike for kids as you are surrounded by beautiful high trees, there are great valley and waterfall views, the paths are well-maintained. If you take the Picnic Creek Circuit (as opposed to the whole Kondalilla Falls hike) it isn’t too long for little legs. Its 1.7km and took us about 1 hour with 7 kids under 10 years old.

When you arrive, there are toilets at the entrance to Kondalilla Falls (WHICH if you have young kids you know matters!), so you can easily park in the carpark and head straight down!
The walk is a mix of well-maintained dirt paths, steps and little boardwalk bridges. If you have young kids they may need some help on the steps, but there is a hand-rail.  We went with a 3.5 year old who had never hiked before and he walked the whole thing, half of it in the rain, on his own!

The hike is beautiful, huge trees and valleys to look out on, you will pass a small waterfall as you cross a little bridge close to the entrance, then the bush path takes you up some stairs and the track continues. There’s a look-out about half way which has a fence (but still keep a close eye on the kids) and from there the path slowly winds its way down to Picnic Creek.
Picnic Creek gets busy in summer, but it was pretty empty when we went on an overcast autumn day. The rock-pool is beautiful, with a waterfall on one side and a nice lookout on the other.

You can find a rock to sit on down at the rock-pool and have some of your packed morning tea before making your way back up; or turn around and head back up to the top to have it in one of the shaded picnic tables where you started from. We actually ran most of the way back up as the rains hit.  

We ended up soaked but had lots of fun and it all part of the adventure for kids! It’s always great idea to get our kids out into nature!


Yes just down from the carpark.

Food / Coffee:

Theres plenty of good cafes for great coffee and Hinterland goodness in nearby Montville.  We usually head back to  a little cafe near Maleny called –


74 Kondalilla Falls Rd, Flaxton QLD 4560

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