We all love a good playground and Skippy Park is a pretty good one…

Firstly, it must have the longest slide on the Coast! I’ll admit, it’s a tiny bit scary to see the kids fly down it when it’s wet… but it’s fun!

Secondly – a flying fox…not just one, but 2 flying foxes side by side, ready for the kids to race!

And third, a 2.2KM Bike track that goes around the oval. It’s wide and away from the road; so we like it!

There are also toilets, BBQ’s, a few tables and chairs (but have the picnic rug handy in case they are full), swings, a big log placed on sand to climb and play on, a xylophone (because we all need a bit more noise in our lives!), a little see saw and a big climbing net. Throughout the park is a small scooter/bike track too.

Right next to the playground, on the other side of the car-park is a big oval which is fun to kick a ball around or throw a frisbee. Around the outside of this oval, is the 2.2km riding track. I was teaching my son to ride his bike on this oval while the other kids rode their scooters around this track.  It’s a great place to get kids off training wheels (as we did!). You can see the kids nearly all the way around this track, but it is long so if they get ahead like my kids often do, you may not be able to see them the whole way.

While Skippy Park feels really natural set amongst bushland, it means that you can’t see the kids everywhere in this park because of the bush throughout it so you do need to move around to wherever the kids are if you want to see them. There is also little shade here, so pack your sun protection.

Skippy Park is great as my younger and older kids all have something to enjoy. When they are done playing at the playground, we can head over to the oval to kick a ball or ride the scooters or bikes around the track. If you enjoy running, it’s a great track to run next to them while they ride too.

Good luck getting them off that slide though!!

Have fun!


Old Landsborough Road, just south of Landsborough. Skippy Park should come up on your map. Map it