Who doesn’t love a bit of quiet with a serene backdrop and lots of open spaces for the kids to wander through…

A peaceful garden in Buderim, there is a path winding through the trees with sculptures on each side to stop and look at. The sculpture walk is flat & short & if your kids are like mine and they run ahead, you will love it as its an enclosed garden so you can see them. Hooray! There are picnic tables & toilets too.

We made a game of who could find the next sculpture which kept the boys interested in moving through the garden. (If you turn it into a competition you can do anything with boys right?!) and they loved using my camera to find something they found beautiful in the garden to take a picture of.

Teaching them young to be on the look-out for beauty!

If you have older kids there is an art-house at the entrance of the sculpture garden, with art you can purchase. We had a quick walk through the art house, holding my kids hands tightly! Lots of breakables…

Once you’re done at the sculpture garden follow some of the other winding paths down for a wander through more gardens and natural bush landscape. Some beautiful spots to take pictures, have a few moments of peace, or just enjoy wandering with your family.

Marcoohchydore Botanical Gardens are really well kept and there is just enough to keep our kids entertained so I can have a little bit of time to hear the birds sing.


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