Who doesn’t love big, fresh, juicy strawberries? I know my kids can’t resist, especially when they pick their own. Winter is the perfect season!

McMartins Strawberry Farm at Bli Bli is a cute little Strawberry Farm and cafe, where entry is free and you pay for what you pick. Head into the office and grab a bucket then make your way to the strawberry field and start picking! When your done take it back in, they will weigh it and you just pay for what you have picked.

The strawberries really are THAT much better.

While you’re there try some of their home-made scones and coffee at the cafe and watch the kids while they play in the fenced kids-park. The deck is covered so it’s perfect year-round.

We didn’t get past their award winning ice-cream (they have a wall FULL of awards). Perhaps the best ice-cream we have ever had (true story). It’s a humble little place but they certainly pack a punch when it comes to ice cream. They use their own fresh strawberries and mix it with local farm fresh milk. You don’t get much fresher than that!

As well as strawberries, they have a small stand with some other local fruits for sale, a little shop of souvenirs and the home-made strawberry jam is amazing. (My husbands exact words “I have had strawberry jam all over the world, but this is the best I have ever tasted”… yep, he loves his jam!)

If you prefer to skip the picking and just buy the strawberries fresh, you can also grab some already freshly picked and packed strawberries & just have some lunch at the cafe while the kids play at the park.

This humble Strawberry farm at Bli-Bli has been family owned since 1945 and is a lovely change from modern cafes. You know us, we love anything that is local and outdoors! We loved it, it’s definitely worth your time to visit.