Our family agrees that Maleny Dairy Products are the best we have had.

Maleny Dairies has been family and locally run since 1948. It’s a beautiful dairy farm where you can grab a coffee at the outdoor milkbar while the kids play the giant game of chess; or book in for a tour & learn how our milk gets from the cow to into our home.

We have done the tour a few times and learnt something new each time.

Our tour started by learning about the history of the farm and the challenges the family have been through to keep their farm running, we saw where the cows are milked and the machines they now use to do this and how this milk then goes from the cow to the bottle by getting a peek into their bottling factory. We then visited the chickens in the chicken coop, got to milk a baby calf out of a bottle and even got to drink some milk straight out of the udder of a cow!

When the tour was finished we taste-tested all the Maleny products that are sold (and on the way home stopped off and bought most of them!).

A great few hours outing with the kids.

If you feel your kids are too young for the tour, you can always just stop by and grab a coffee, it’s beautiful to be sitting amongst the green hills.

It’s always a good thing for kids to see where their food actually comes from – from the farm to our homes. If you can’t make it – check out the Cow Cam on the their website