We love a good bush walk, so if you’re with us, this one may be for you!

This is a great bush walk for kids with an old train tunnel to explore at the end of it. It’s a heritage listed train tunnel, built in 1891, and is part of the Dularcha National Park in Landsborough and Mooloolah.

We parked at the southern end of Beech Road in Landsborugh in the little car park and then headed through to the bush. It’s pretty straight forward from there… The path is flat, open and fairly wide. You may pass horses, bikes or runners but it’s cleared. It’s a dirt path so nothing fancy, but it’s perfect at the same time if you love being in the bush.

On one side of the path is the fenced train track and the other side the bush.

There are a few points where you have to choose where to go, but they are marked and if you check it out on maps it’s a fairly straight walk, or bike ride if you have confident riders off training wheels.

Towards the end of the track is the old train tunnel. The tunnel is short enough that you can see the light at the end of it. But dark enough that the kids need extra courage to step into the darkness. We took a torch – not because we needed them; but just to add to the adventure!

Once through the tunnel we had some of our packed morning tea, then headed back!

We find when bush-walking with kids, it always helps to have a goal, or some kind of destination. The train tunnel was perfect as they knew once we got there, we had made it!

Unfortunately no toilets at this end of the national park, the closest ones being back in the town.

Our kids are loving Ninja Warriors at the moment, so everything turned into an obstacle or a race…

A great bush walk.

Location: Dularcha National Park, Landsborough. Park at the southern entrance off Beech Road & walk 2.1km to the tunnel.

(Or you can also park at the northern entrance of Paget Street in Moolollah for a shorter 900m walk to the tunnel)