I was pretty excited to find this one… a few people mentioned how great Currimundi Lake was for kids,  but I wondered how different it could be to all our other amazing ocean spots?! (We do have A LOT to choose from!)   

Currimundi Lake is actually GREAT for kids! Which means you can relax around the water…so it’s great for you too! 

It’s a large lake, ranging in depth from ankle-deep to up past your waist. When it is low-tide, there are long-stretches of wide-open beach space for the kids to run around on, kick a ball on or play a game of beach cricket. That means it’s a bit of a longer walk to the water’s edge, so bring your thongs for the hot sand-walk back! At high-tide there isn’t as much wide open beach space, but there is certainly more than enough & that means there is a larger lake, so more water to play in.

The lake connects to the mouth to the ocean (Currimundi Surf Beach) so if you prefer waves you can head out there with boards. It’s an easy outing as you can park close-by, walk down and you will find flat sand and a calm lake the kids can play around in. There are a few trees around the outskirts which offer some shade, but it’s a bit of a distance from the water’s edge at low tide so if your planning to stay a while, I would recommend bringing a shade. 

When we have been there people have had floaties, canoes, rubber boats, paddle boards or just a few buckets and spades. If you don’t have your own, you can hire kayaks and paddle-boards from Kite Thrills, a surf-shop right at the beach front.  There can be tiny fish there the kids can run after and try to catch, and the scenery is beautiful as you look onto national park on one side.


There are a few cafes to stop for some coffee or lunch, or grassed areas and a few tables and chairs to eat at if you brought your own food. Charles Hargreaves Park is right at the end of the parking lot, next to the toilet block at the beach. Here you will find BBQ’s under shade, and some seating. The play equipment in the park is not shaded though.

We usually pack our own lunch, sit under a tree at the park for lunch, go to the toilet nearby and head home once the sun gets too hot.

We did grab a new beach bag from Kathmandu at Kawana on the way, which has plastic zippers so it should not rust as all my other bags have being around the salt water (but I’ll keep you posted!). There always seems to be more to carry than you think, so a solid bag definitely helps.

Parking can be limited on the weekend, but weekdays there is usually plenty. We usually park in Westaway Parade if we can, which is the closest you can get. 

Currimundi Lake is a great family outing!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!