Yes it does rain on the Sunshine Coast.

Always the big question… what to do with kids in the rain when your on holidays… agrrrrr….. but don’t worry there is still beauty to be found!  

If it is raining heavily, and you don’t mind spending some money, there are plenty of inside options (but they come at a price) – Ten Pin Bowling, Sealife Underwater World, Rocket Rock-Climbing Gym, rollerskating at Caloundra Rollerdome, Big Boing Trampolining gym, Chipmonk indoor playground and theres always cafes, shopping or the movies at Sunshine Plaza. Good Life Community Centre in Buderim sometimes open their indoor pool to the public too (just give them a buzz for times…. but If they don’t – go anyway – they have the best sweet potato chips around!)

If its just sprinkling but not a beach or hiking day, there are a few more options. Today was one of those days when I didn’t want to spend money on activities, so we took our umbrellas and went exploring in the rain.

Our first stop was at Ewen Maddock Dam. The paths there are good as they are concrete or wood so we don’t get muddy feet. We wandered around a while, took some photos and the kids got to stretch their legs. There is an undercover bbq there but it just depends which way the wind is blowing if you will get wet or not!


From there we went up to Maleny, which is a pretty drive. We headed up to the shops and got “the most delicious sausage rolls you’ve ever tasted” (says my son!) from the Maleny Hot Bread bakery.  After wandering around the street of shops (which were mostly covered) we found a cute 2nd hand book store (called PS. Books) where the kids browsed and picked a book to take home. We finished our morning off in Maleny with the best gelato we have had from the ice-cream shop – all made locally.

We checked the time… and it was only 11… Every mum entertaining kids on a rainy day knows that feeling!

So…what next?

storm clouds sunshine coast

We drove down past Mary Cairncross Park with the idea that the rainforest would provide a canopy from the rain and we may be able to walk through the rainforest.  Ideally this could have worked, but as soon as we got there I realised I had lost my umbrella browsing in Blooms 2nd hand store  in Maleny- so the kids played at the park instead! Part of the park was covered & I stayed under a shelter so it worked well for us, and then home we went for lunch.


If you have kids that enjoy the cafe scene there are plenty on the Sunshine Coast to choose from. We like the Good Life Community Centre cafe and the Velo Project at Mooloolaba which has some kids toys out the back too. We also like Kunara at Tanawaha which is an organic marketplace and has a little bit of space outdoors. We sometimes wander along the street of shops at Mooloolaba too just to get out and about and get some yoghurt at “Yogurt World”.  Montville has some cute cafes with beautiful outlooks too. My kids prefer a good run around so we don’t tend to choose cafes so much…


The Sunshine Coast also has great libraries you could spend time in browsing if the timing works out.

I was glad for a day of rain, but thankfully tomorrow the sun is forecast!
What’s your favourite thing to do with kids on a rainy day?