If your kids are anything like mine they go through a lot of clothes. We never like spending too much money on clothes as the boys either grow out of them quickly or ruin them before they can. If we buy clothes that are too cheap they are lucky to last a week! (Are you getting the idea my boys are pretty active??) We have now found the perfect place to shop for them – surf outlets! The well-made brands at a discount.  

We have found 2 Surf shop outlets we love with the discounted clothing we also love. I am sure there are more, but the size of these ones stood out to us.

The first one is at Kawana Home Centre and is called “Sideways Surf Outlet” (check them out on FB or www.sideways.com.au) They stock everything from kids boardies to mens t’shirts to women’s bikinis to surfboards to sunnies. In winter you may be lucky enough to find a few hoodies for the kids too.

The other one we love is at Warana and called “Suburban Surf” (check them out on FB or their website www.suburbansurf.com.au). They  are a family run business which have won some awards due to their large range of stock -from shoes to bags to swimmers  to wetsuits to surfboards, also at a great discount. Easy to lose your kids in this one with the lines and lines of clothes!

Both stores are minimally fitted, but really to save some money, do we need the fancy displays? So if I were you I would get ready for summer with some good swimmers and rash-shirts for the kids which you can now do without paying full price! ?

(Please contact the stores directly to check this information is still correct).