I think we have found the answer to being outdoors on our ‘home days’… We have hung a few swings from our mango tree, but this is definitely our new favourite!

All the kids can fit on at once! And it’s really easy to set up and hang up. The ropes are tight so my kids haven’t gotten tangled up in them, and the swing is strong! (Strong is a must when it comes to swings and kids…)

The swing is a great size, the black mat is 100cm wide with a padded ring around it so you won’t have any head hits and with the 100kg limit you can use it too! You can also grab extra tree straps if you want to make it sturdier.

Plus its a simple black colour so looks great hanging under a tree by the pool.

Check out Heavenly Hammocks to find this “100cm Black Mat Round Nest Swing” and for all things swings & hammocks.

(I would have a backyard of hammocks if I could…)

Thanks Heavenly Hammocks for the swing! We LOVE it! And we are yet to meet a child that does not love a good swing…

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