Hidden amongst the bush in Mons is the old Palmwoods-Buderim Tramway site! Heritage listed, it was built in 1914 and operated until 1935. Now it’s a lovely bush-walk that you can even take leashed pups on.

At the beginning of the track you’ll find some information and photos on the history of the tramway which is great to read about.

Once you wind down the path at the beginning of the walk, the walk from there is a flat, dirt path, fairly wide with beautiful tall trees, shrub and forest on both sides.

Our favourite bit was spotting a few of the old slabs still in the ground from the tramway and spotting the signs up in the trees telling us how far we had gone.

Along the way you will find 2 sign-posts explaining more history of what happened at those spots with photos of what actually was there.

We walked to the “cattle” sign hiding amongst the trees then turned back, that was around 2 km and basically the end of the walk, but you always turn back earlier if little legs tire!

It’s a lovely wander with forest, some seats along the way and a few signposts giving us more of an idea of the history of the Sunshine Coast. A fantastic thing for kids to think on while being out and about in nature.

Location: Telco Road in Mons. Coming off Mons Road, you will find the walk on the right at the start of Telco Road. It has a clear sign out the front.

Hint: Stick to the track when your walking as there is private property around