By @fathersonnycoastadventures I am stoked to be apart of a guest blog post for Sunny Coast Kids. It’s so important I think for the Sunshine Coast community to team together and inspire parents and kids to want to get out and about and explore this stunning part of the world we live in.

Some of you may have seen my instagram page “Father Sonny Coast Adventures“.


Having a love of adventuring, camping, and all things outdoors when my lovely wife decided to head back to work from maternity leave for a few days a week I put my hand up to mind my little man 1 of these days. This soon became our “adventure day” A day to get out and about on micro adventures and see all the Sunny Coast had to offer.

The great thing about the Sunny Coast is that everything is so close by. This is great with kids, as getting to the beach or going for a walk in the rainforest is more then achievable in between sleeps & bottles in my case. I remember the 1st time I decided to venture out with my then 5month old being so nervous and just hoping he wouldn’t smell my fear and feed off it and explode his nappy, or cry his eyes out wondering where his mummy was and I would have to give it all up as a bad joke & go home…while it took a few months slowly but surely we began to get into the swing of things and just enjoy our time together.

It’s hard to Narrow it down to 3 spots but if I had to chose 5 spots that are perfect for toddlers on the coast I would say the following:

1.Point Cartwright – With easy access for Prams to get around and just an amazing spot to go for a stroll. There is always plenty of things happening to keep the little ones interested with boats going back and forth, plenty of puppy dogs passing by and people to socialise with. Plus a playgound at La Balsa park. It is a winner for both parents & the kids

2. Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary Bli Bli – A timber boardwalk/mesh boardwalk that goes though the mangroves and down to a pontoon at the Maroochy River is a great spot to get out and enjoy Nature. With plenty of birds and thngs to look at along the way it is a must do! and the best thing is it doesn’t cost a cent. Just make sure you pack the areogard however in case the mozzies are out and about.

3. Point Arkwright Beach – Point Arkwright besides being a stunning location is a great spot for the little ones to play safely in the rock pools. My little guy loves it & I know it’s safe for him to splash around and have some fun in until he can learn to swim.


4. The boardwalk at Coolum – Hidden in the Boardwalk estate in Coolum is a timber boardwalk that winds it’s way through to the beach, it is perfect for prams & for that evening or morning stroll! It’s also one of those spots that is stunning in both directions. With the stunning Sunshine Coast coastline greeting you on the walk to the beach & sweeping views to Mount Coolum on the walk back to the car you can’t go wrong with this one.

5. To me Sunday Drives always screams out Sunshine Coast Hinterland, and what better spot then Kenilworth. The playground in the main street opposite the Cheese factory is a beauty, It is great for the younger kids (as well as the older kids). My son loves to ride in the little helicopter and play on the boat. Plus when your finished playing in the park & looking to cool down an ice cream from the Cheese factory never disappoints!

Hope to see everyone out & around the place!



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