Buderim Forest Park

What Buderim is famous for today – Serenity Falls! This must be the most photographed place in Buderim, and when you get there you’ll see why! It’s a beautiful walk. You will wander through ferns, sky-high trees and the sound of birds before you’re greeted by a pretty waterfall at the bottom and an arching bridge overhead. I find it always helps having a ‘destination’ when the kids go hiking, something they need to find and finding a waterfall is a great motivation!

Despite it being named “Serenity Falls” I don’t think we have ever done this walk without bumping into a few other people; it’s not usually crazy busy, but it can be, so if its solitude you’re after perhaps head down early. We find it a fairly easy and safe hike down and back up again with the kids if you start at the top and walk down. We have taken a lot of families down there who are visiting, and none of the kids at any age have struggled (from age 2 up). If your kids are not used to getting out into nature – this is a great place to start !

The details you need when hiking with kids:

There are two ways you can get to the waterfall. You can park at the top of the Buderim Forest and walk down – which near the Buderim Village Shops. Head down Quorn Close off Lindsay Road and park at the end, you will see the entrance there.

Alternatively, you can park at the bottom of the Forest via Harrys Lane (also off Lindsay Road) and walk up to the fall.

Both are great walks.

If you start at the top entrance (via Quorn Close) this is a quicker walk, down on a narrow bush trail, with a small bridge to go over. (What child doesn’t love pretending they are crossing a crocodile bridge?!) We tend turn right at the first sign and follow the bush path down to see the waterfall! When you get here, walk behind the waterfall and grab a few photos with the family; then walk a bit further down away from the fall over the rocks, and you will get to another smaller waterfall and little stairs which is fun to discover.

We tend to turn around at this point then make our way back to the car by going back up to  Serenity Falls, back up the stairs and crossing the big arch bridge back to the bush path. You will find picnic chairs and bbq facilities at the top entrance too. (+lots of mozzies).

If you start at the bottom entrance (via Harry’s lane) it’s a beautiful walk that is mostly boardwalk, and towering trees overhead.  If you start at the bottom, you will get to the small waterfall first, then walk up to the bigger one. The boardwalk path does end before the waterfall and turns to a bumpy bush trail and you will need to cross a little creek which is fun, but it can be a slippery over the rocks, & especially after rain. Once you have seen it you can follow your steps back down to the car.

When you’re finished your hike, head to Buderim Village shops for some food, only a few minutes away.

While people do, it’s not recommended you swim in the waterfall as its difficult to see the bottom and with so many visitors it’s hard to know what is at the bottom. Please take your litter with you!

I would probably leave an hour for a round-trip, but as any walk, it depends on your fitness level.

Our tips: Start at the top entrance if you have younger kids, take your camera, some aeroguard for the mozzies, some water to drink and a little snack for when your done!