Don’t all kids love seeing BIG THINGS? Incase you were wondering (I know you were) we have some of our own BIG things here on the Sunshine Coast!

You may feel a bit ‘bleh’ about seeing BIG things that maybe don’t look that big to you now… (how much bigger did the Big Banana look when we were kids!!), BUT there really is something in a child’s eyes that light up when they drive past something oversized.



Location: Nambour Connection Road, Woombye

The Big Pineapple has been around for a LONG time, since 1971, and was once the biggest tourist attraction in Queensland. It’s now heritage-listed and even Prince Charles has visited! It’s basically a big pineapple that you can walk inside and walk up and down and learn about the pineapple farming from displays in the walls. Around the property you can take a small train ride into the Wildlife HQ Zoo. You can see The Big Pineapple from the road, so drive in and you will find a carpark around it. Every Saturday morning local Markets are also held here. To explore the Big Pineapple and check out the observation deck is free, but there is a cost to the train ride & adjoining zoo.


Location: The Big Pelican Boat hire, 180 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville

Maybe our favourite BIG thing because of the view! We stumbled across this one by accident when at the awesome Lions Park. It’s just a short stroll up from there, along the Noosa River and outside The Big Pelican Boat hire shop You can’t go inside this one to explore it, but you can take some photos from around the fence and walk around it which was pretty impressive for our kids anyway! While your’re there why not duck into The Boat House right next door as they do great coffee and kids get a FREE meal for every adult meal, Tuesday – Sunday if you arrive between 5/5:30 & head out by 6:45. It’s a little bit fancy but we love it there right on the water.


Location: 87 Gympie Street, Tewantin

It’s a biiiit of a nerve-wracker if your kids have hands that get into everything, but it’s worth it to walk through a giant shell! This cute BIG shell is tucked away in suburbia and owned by a couple who just must love shells! Once through the giant shell you will find a shop full of beautiful shells from all around the world. You can grab a little basket and start filling it up. We gave our kids a $5 limit and they each got a Conch Shell, convinced they can now hear the ocean wherever they are. Head to the Noosa Marina when your done for a wander and play at the free water-park which is close-by.


Location: 13 Ayshire Road, Kulangoor (Yandina)

We were on our way to Dunethan Rock when we saw this one from the highway. Of course…we pulled over. This is basically a BIG cow that you can just walk around! It once was an attraction that you could walk up into, but it has fallen into disrepair and has closed so it is now one just for the kids to ahh and awww over, grab your picture and your done!


Location: 133 Laxton Road, Palmview

When it’s strawberry season head on over to PYO Strawberry Farm to pick your own strawberries, and on the way in you will find the BIG Strawberry. It’s not actually THAT big, but it’s definately oversized, made on the back of a trailer. The kids can easily walk around it to check it out. Then head on into the park and cafe inside the farm to make an outing of it!


Location:  Shop 89 Beerwah pde, Beerwah

Don’t make a special trip for this one BUT if you’re driving out this way keep a look out for The Big Mower, outside ‘The Big Mower’ store in Beerwah!